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What are Bunches?
Bunches are free or paid group chats for you, your friends, followers, and fans! Pick a topic, start your Bunch, invite friends and start chatting about anything!
How can I start a Bunch?
Easily start your Bunch here and share it with your followers across socials. Once you start a Bunch you’ll be able to chat with your Bunch on Bunches Web and the Bunches app for iOS.
Is Bunches iOS only?
Bunches is currently on iOS and Web with Android coming soon! You can download Bunches on the App Store here or use Bunches Web here!
Do I have to pay to use Bunches?
Bunches are completely free to start for now. The only payments on Bunches happen when you subscribe to a paid Bunch!
How do paid Bunches work?
Paid Bunches are group chats that people need to pay in order to join. Easily start a paid Bunch, set the price for a monthly subscription to the Bunch and members subscribe for access!
How do I get paid?
As your paid Bunch grows and people subscribe, your earnings go directly to you as the Bunch creator for the duration of the Bunches public Beta! After 30 days, paid Bunch creators get their subscription earnings for the month on the 15th of every month from Bunches via ACH transfer.
What’s the best way to use Bunches to monetize my audience?
Bunches makes it easy for creators to connect with their audience in a deeper way and find their true fans. We recommend starting a free Bunch for all of your followers, friends, and fans and a paid Bunch for those who want deeper access and exclusive content!
Can I start multiple Bunches?
Yes! The most successful creators on Bunches start larger free Bunches to meet and chat with their audiences and smaller paid Bunches for their closest followers and fans.

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