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Leader, reader, taco eater. CEO, Bunches. Previously Exeq, Addepar, LinkedIn.

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3D Printing Chat Image

3D Printing Chat

A general chat for anyone that 3D prints or wants to get into it. Share or gain some knowledge and make some friends!

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Let’s talk shop! What are you working on? Recent/Old discoveries? Having artist block? Share something, find design support, inspiration, & community here

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Everything NBA

No matter which team you're pulling for, join us to discuss the news, thrills, and scores from the NBA Playoffs.

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Join $fintech to learn and chat about all the latest things going on in financial technology.

Food, Travel & Wine by Sheff Image

Food, Travel & Wine by Sheff

Drink and travel with your next meal in mind. Sharing unique food and beverages with all of my personal travel and dining tips. IG:@sheffathome

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History and Geography

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A community about apps!

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Impact Social

Join to build a community around impact social events in Nashville

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Latest from Bunches

Get the latest info, announcements, and updates on Bunches! New Bunch launches, new features, and more.

Premier League et al. ⚽️  Image

Premier League et al. ⚽️

COYS. Spurs for life. Prem. League 21/22/Champions League & WC Talk

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Psychology and Philosophy



just a bunch of people taking our finances to the moon 🚀

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Science and Maths

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The Swap

Swap knowledge on Bitcoin, DeFi, NFTs, oh my. For all interested in crypto. All subscription revenue will go to a crypto treasury for the bunch to collectively invest/spend.

Young Entrepreneurs  Image

Young Entrepreneurs

This Bunch is for young entrepreneurs across the country to support each other and share their creations

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comp. session take 1

inner thoughts