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just a bunch of people taking our finances to the moon 🚀



building Real Snacks, investing, trying to find the time to update my Spotify playlists...
say hi

say hi

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come in and say hi to everyone.



Leader, reader, taco eater. CEO, Bunches. Previously Exeq, Addepar, LinkedIn.
Need for Speed

Need for Speed

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This Bunch is all about Formula One: the drivers, teams, and races.



Leader, reader, taco eater. CEO, Bunches. Previously Exeq, Addepar, LinkedIn.

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Creator of eCommerce

"eCommerce is changing so rapidly that a strong community like $eCom, where we share ideas & updates, is game-changing."


"Bunches is the app foodies have been missing! A place to chat and build relationships with other food lovers."

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"I came to Bunches with a small community of product people and watching the Bunch grow has been amazing."

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